Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks (IP) practice area at McDowell Rice focuses on helping clients with their intellectual property needs. This includes Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks. Some innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners want to protect their logos or brands as a trademark. For other clients, this may mean protecting their innovation by filing an application for a patent or a copyright. In addition to using patents, copyrights and trademarks to help clients protect their rights, we also use licensing agreements to help leverage client’s innovations. In some cases, it becomes necessary to litigate our client’s rights utilizing the judicial system.

After identifying our clients’ goals and objectives, we help determine the best approach to protecting their intellectual property. Whether clients need IP services only occasionally or have built their business on their intellectual property, we can customize an IP strategy which considers the most cost-effective and compelling way to protect their innovation both now and in the future.

Our intellectual property experience includes the following:

Examples of our past work include:

  • Preparing more than 300 patent applications.
  • Preparing and working on more than 400 trademarks.
  • Overseeing local, regional, national and international client cases.
  • Working with clients in a variety of industries, including advertising, aviation, agriculture, computer, construction, education, electronics, energy, entertainment, food, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, internet, manufacturing, medical, media, music, software, telecommunications, transportation and travel.
  • Helping clients obtain patents in a wide variety of areas, including software, mechanical devices, medical instruments, computer systems, industrial processes, consumer goods, farm implements and sporting equipment items.
  • Litigating intellectual property issues and obtain favorable settlements and court results.
  • Securing a 2 million dollar copyright infringement judgment, one of the largest copyright infringement judgments in the State of Kansas.
  • Securing a multi-million dollar trade secret judgment, the largest trade secret judgment in the State of Kansas.


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